• Spicy Beet Sauce

    New Spicy Beet Sauce

    Our new sauce is Nightshade Free and Gluten Free and it’s delicious on meats, eggs or great to use as a substitute for tomato paste.

  • FFcarrotcakes-900x700px300dpi

    Our ‘Delicious Feelgood Food’

    Our recipes are for delicious food that allows you to feel good whether you have a food intolerance, or you just like to feel great!

  • FFbookgirls-900x700px300dpi

    Our cookbook and philosophy

    Our food is always made tastier by the warm, loving environment created by the family and friends we share our meals with.

  • Scleroderma Awareness

    Felicity’s inspiring healing journey

    Friendship Food are delighted to continue supporting Scleroderma Australia to help promote Scleroderma Awareness nationally!

  • FFchoccake-900x700px300dpi

    Have your cake and eat it too!

    This delicious cake is free of gluten, yeast, dairy, egg and refined sugar, yet it’s still a hit when it goes to school to be shared with classmates!

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    A Lovely Friendship with Food

    All our Friendship Food recipes use pure wholefood ingredients and we wholeheartedly recommend adding the key ingredient of love!

Enjoy a Healthy Friendship with Delicious Feelgood Food - Free of Gluten, Yeast, Dairy, Egg and Refined Sugar!