• How to bake with Sorghum Flour

    I found this great little bit of info a while ago that has helped us when using our sorghum flour for baking so thought I would share. We are hard at work perfecting our own Gluten Free Flour Blend but in the meantime here’s a handy one to get you started   Bake and Cook with Sorghum […]

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  • Choc Orange Sorghum Biscuits

    A deliciously simple biscuit! Ingredients 1 cup sorghum flour 2/3 cup arrowroot 2/3 cup coconut sugar pinch natural salt 125g butter, melted 1 egg 2 tsp fresh orange zest 2 tbsp cacao nibs Method Preheat oven to 175 degrees celcius. Whisk the dry ingredients together in a bowl. Melt the butter in a small jug […]

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  • The joy of nightshade free Spicy Beet Sauce!

    This week is National Pain Week in Australia and it is events like this that remind me how happy I am that I experience very little chronic pain now, as a result of changing what I eat and by taking nightshade fruits and vegetables out of my diet. Nightshades include white potato, tomato, chilli, paprika, capsicum, […]

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  • Would you consume 10 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water?

    As we approach National Diabetes Week, July 10th to 16th we felt it very important to share some information on soft drinks. Unfortunately these drinks are found in such abundance in our society and at such low prices it is hard for people to avoid them but they are damaging our health, especially that of our […]

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  • About Us Now!

    Image by Amy @thewifecreative Hi there, we’re Flick and Kate from Friendship Food. Last year we launched our cookbook Friendship Food Delicious Feelgood Food. This was the realisation of a dream in the making for over seven years. Felicity, my long time friend, developed these simple healthy recipes after eliminating gluten, yeast, egg, dairy and […]

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  • Additive Free Tuckshop Menu for St Patrick’s School Allora

    Tasting Strawberries and Choc Mousse at Eumundi Markets

    FEATURING REGIONALLY GROWN FOODS FROM ALLORA AND DISTRICT FARMS MENU SAN CHOY BAU – Fresh seasonal vegetables including locally grown Pilton Valley onion, carrot and cabbage, stir-fried with Allora grown minced beef, served in iceberg lettuce cups (35 ordered on the day)   Image by Amy @thewifecreative ZUCCHINI AND SWEET POTATO FRITTERS WITH ONION RELISH – […]

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  • St. Patrick’s School Allora Hosts an Additive Free Tuckshop Day

    Friday November the 6th is National Additive Free day. In response to this initiative we have decided to hold a special Tuckshop. The aim of the day being twofold; Firstly to raise awareness of additives in processed food and to point out some of the ill effects these additives can have on our health. In […]

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  • Maggie’s Story – Wholefoods vs Additive Laden

    Flick & Maggie

    When I was pregnant with our fourth baby Maggie, I had the most amazingly healthy and happy pregnancy. I ate incredibly well, living on a wholefood diet with very little processed food and I kept active within reason and I didn’t put on excessive weight. I had so much energy, slept well, had very little […]

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  • Chocolate and Carob

    I have always adored chocolate and in recent years have indulged in lovely, sensuous dark chocolate with its flavanols all still intact. These are the antioxidants that are removed from commercial chocolate so that it doesn’t taste bitter plus there is a whole host of other ingredients added that I’m sure weren’t in the ancient […]

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  • Introducing a delicious new feelgood recipe: a nightshade-free Red Sauce!

    Red Sauce Recipe

    It has been a full year now since we sold our first Friendship Food book and it has been a very rewarding year for FF and for me personally. I have learnt even more about myself, my world and how important it is to value what I have in life and to never take it […]

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